Biomaterials are one of the special material classes, of which natural or synthetic origin, that are used in the diagnosis or treatment of diseases. Biomaterials play a crucial role in augment, repair or regeneration of tissue function by interacting with biological tissue. The utilization of biomaterials in many applications such as drug delivery systems, imaging and antibacterial treatments, and the advantage of obtaining a dual effect bring interdisciplinary researchers together. In this special session, the researchers specialized in different fields of biomaterials will reunite to discuss the current issues and to share recent improvements in biomaterials science.

Session Topics:

The topics will cover applications of biomaterials in biomedical engineering, biomedicine and bioengineering, while the special focus will be on bionanomaterials and their applications during the session. The four main topics and their sub-sections to be discussed in session are as follows.

  1. Bionanomaterials Synthesis and Characterization
    • Bionanomaterial characterization for biomedical applications
    • Self-assembly bionanomaterials
    • Injectable biomaterials
    • Bionanomaterials toxicology
  1. Composite Biomaterials
    • Bionanocomposite materials
    • Nanoparticle integrated biomaterials
    • Composite biomaterials for implants
  1. Nanoparticles in Biomedicine
    • Nanoparticles in targeted drug delivery systems
    • Nanomaterials for gene delivery
    • Nanoparticles in bioimaging
    • Bionanomaterials as diagnostic tools
  1. Biomaterials in Antibacterial Treatment
    • Antimicrobial coatings
    • Nanoparticles as nano-antibiotics
    • Antibacterial metal oxide nanoparticles