Poster boards to be used in poster presentations have dimensions 100 cm width x 200 cm height.
Please keep this in mind.

Final Paper Format Files:

Tiptekno’23 LaTeX Sample
Tiptekno’23 Word Sample
Tiptekno’23 PDF Sample

Steps to Follow to prepare Ready-to-Print TIPTEKNO 2023 Papers:

After your paper has been revised according to the comments of the referees, the Ready-to-Print version of it should be re-uploaded to the CMT system. In order for accepted papers to be published in IEEE Xplore, the following rules must be followed. Papers prepared outside of the following rules will not be published in IEEE Xplorer, even if they are presented at the congress, as they will not be accepted by IEEE in terms of the format. For this reason, it is necessary to fully implement the following steps.


  1. For the Paper Format, the ready-to-print paper format given on the Congress website must be followed. (This is very important and inappropriate papers will not be indexed by IEEE.)
  2. Title part of the Turkish Papers should be written in two languages, first in Turkish and then in English. In English papers, it is sufficient to have only the English title.
  3. Paper titles and author names should not be italicized. Document margins should not be changed. Ready-to-print template which is given in the congress website should be taken into consideration when writing headers, figure captions, and table titles.
  4. For the Abstract, the Turkish abstract and keywords starting with “Özetçe” should be given first, followed by the English abstract starting with “Abstract” and the English keywords “Keywords”. Special symbols, special characters and mathematical expressions should not be used in the Özetçe, Abstract and Title of the Paper. In English papers, it is sufficient to have an English Abstract only.
  5. When writing references, IEEE referencing format which is given in the ready-to-publish template.
  6. Papers should not have page numbers.
  7. The length of the paper should never exceed 4 pages, including everything.
  8. The IEEE copyright notice must definitely be on the bottom left of the first page for the papers that are prepared in two columns. (The appropriate expression should be chosen.)
  9. The copyright notice to be used in the notices of all authors employed by the US government: “U.S. Government work not protected by U.S. copyright
  10. The copyright notice to be used in the papers of all authors employed by the UK, Canadian and Australian governments: “979-8-3503-2896-7/23/$31.00 ©2023 Crown
  11. The copyright notice to be used in the notices of all authors employed by the European Union: “979-8-3503-2896-7/23/$31.00 ©2023 European Union
  12. Copyright notice to be used in all other authors’ papers:
    “979-8-3503-2896-7/23/$31.00 ©2023 IEEE”


  1. For the papers presented within the scope of TIPTEKNO 2023 to be published in IEEE Xplore, each paper must be registered and presented during the conference. Two papers can be registered for one registration fee. Re-registration is required for the third paper.
  2. For the papers to be published on IEEE Xplore (, an IEEE registration fee of $22 + VAT must be paid for each proceeding separately. This fee is requested by IEEE and directly transferred to IEEE.


  1. You need to convert your paper, which was prepared according to the referee’s comments, into PDF format and re-upload it to the Microsoft CMT system under the same paper number. To convert to PDF format, PDF eXpress must be used and be approved by it.
  2. To perform the PDF eXpress check:
    • Go to
    • If you are using PDF eXpress for the first time:
      1. Click on “New users – click here”.
      2. Enter 59875X for the “Conference ID, enter your e-mail address and a password of your choice. Enter any other requested information.
      3. Check the correctness of the contact information and press the “Submit” button.
      4. You will receive an e-mail regarding successful account registration.
    • If you have used PDF eXpress for another conference before:
      1. Enter 59875X for the “Conference ID. Enter your e-mail address and a password that is used before.
      2. Click “Login” and you will see an error message asking you to create an account. Click the “Continue” link. By entering your e-mail and password, you will have activated your old account for this conference.
    • Click on the “Create New Title” link for each new paper.
    • Enter the requested information about the paper.
    • Click the “Submit PDF for checking” link. Upload the PDF version of your ready-to-print paper from the dialog that appears.
    • You will receive an e-mail informing you whether your uploaded paper has passed the PDF eXpress test.
    • Once the test is passed, which is indicated by “PDF Passed PDF Check; PDF is IEEE Xplore-compatible” prompt, you must click on the “Approve for Collection” link to finalize the process. See the figure below for more details.
  • Finally, you need to re-upload your ready-to-print papers created with PDF eXpress using the “Update File” link in the Microsoft CMT system.

N.B.: The IEEE copyright notice on the first page must be added before the final version of the notice is uploaded to Pdf eXpress.

  1. Papers approved by PDF eXpress must be uploaded via the CMT system without changing the file name given by PDF eXpress.
  1. IEEE PDF eXpress process should be done only once, after you have completed your final checks on your paper. You should not repeat the PDF eXpress process. Therefore, start the PDF eXpress process only after you have completed your final checks on your paper and do it only one time.


  1. Additionally, IEEE electronic copyright form must be filled separately for each paper accepted within the scope of TIPTEKNO 2023. The IEEE electronic copyright form entry for TIPTEKNO 2023 will also be performed in Microsoft CMT system.

    N.B.: The IEEE Copyright form must be filled out separately for each paper. If two or more papers of an author are accepted, this process should be done separately for each paper and then be submitted.

    TITLE OF PAPER: The English title of the paper should be written in this part. (For proceedings in Turkish, only English Title should be written.)
    – LIST OF AUTHORS: Authors names should be written in the order as they appear in the paper, without using Turkish characters.
    ARTICLE ID: Should be the same as the proceeding number assigned to you by Microsoft CMT system. You should not add 0 in front of the proceeding number. You should not enter the PID number generated by the PDF eXpress here.
    AUTHORS MAILS: Author e-mail addresses should be entered with a comma between them.
  1. IEEE e-COPYRIGHT process should be done only once for each proceeding. You should not repeat the IEEE e-COPYRIGHT process.
  2. The IEEE e-copyright process should be filled out through the Microsoft CMT system, considering the above rules.