New Approaches in Medical Imaging

Gülçiçek DERE
Bahcesehir University, Vocational School of Health Services, Medical Imaging Techniques

Medical Imaging methods, most of which are noninvasive diagnostic methods, are open to technological developments in a way that makes it easier for the physician to diagnose in a shorter time, with less radiation, patient comfort comes to the forefront, with fewer procedures, thanks to the developing technology. Because it is a multidisciplinary field, it is an area of interest to medical doctors, health professionals, engineers, technicians and basic sciences. Medical physicists or engineers (especially Biomedical and Electrical-Electronics Engineers) take an active role in image analysis, data analysis, image improvement studies, device and technical development, calibration and similar pre- and post-image processes. In the field of image processing, segmentation, labeling, masking, ROI etc. Image analysis can be done with artificial intelligence models in all process steps and the number of studies in the field is increasing. With the new programs developed, reconstruction operations in 3D or 4D form with less invasive procedures, less painful for the patient, obtaining images in a short time and success as in invasive diagnostic methods. (Ex: CT Colonoscopy, MR angiography etc.)

The qualification of the Radiology Technician, who successfully carries out the extraction process with the least possible artifact (or noise) from the physician, is also important. Since a successful shot means less noise/artifact, less preprocessing steps for post-image operations and less data loss with filtering on the image allow better results in studies on the image. Professional knowledge of the technician is important for a successful shooting. The technician’s knowledge of appropriate sequence selection for shooting, selection of appropriate protocols, and reconstruction procedures affect success both for diagnosis and for academic studies on images.

This special session focuses on new approaches in Medical Imaging on:

  • Medical Imaging Techniques
  • Medical Imaging Devices
  • Analysis of Medical Images
  • Medical Image Processing
  • Training of Medical Imaging Technician