Digital Twins in Biomedical Research

The notion of digital twins in healthcare refers to a virtual model that accurately reflects the physical reality of a patient or a system. In recent years, computational tools associated with digital twins have become an integral part of biomedical engineering, particularly in areas such as in silico methods, numerical biomechanics, and virtual surgery. They also play a significant role in the development of standards for virtual testing and regulations of medical devices.

Current modeling and simulation applications significantly contribute to research and development processes by minimizing human resources, time, budget, material usage, and risk.

This special session will share the latest research focusing on the clinical applications of digital twins, the role of in silico methods in biomedical research, and the development of customized treatment strategies and innovative medical devices using optimal approaches.

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Kevser Banu Köse
İstanbul Medipol University
Department of Biomedical Engineering